Hi, my name is Eddy Barrett and if you're here i'm guessing you're probably wondering, what is the Physical Product Secrets Implementation Coaching Program?

In short, join the program and you'll have your own branded live product up and selling on Amazon Europe within 6 weeks.

The longer answer... 

The Physical Product Secrets Implementation Coaching Program is my flagship coaching program where i've condensed 3 years of learning, blood, sweat and tears into one short 6 week process. 

I had to figure this stuff out over years of trial and error.

Whereas you get to be guided from no previous experience to having your very own branded private label product selling on Amazon in just six short weeks.

The highly interactive, step by step program will walk you through the entire process with expert help at every step of the way.

What qualifies me to teach you about selling on Amazon?

Well over the past 3 years i've grown 2 separate from 0 to over $4m in combined revenue in the US last year.

I've also been experimenting in the German marketplace this year and seeing phenomenal year on year results (see the third pic below).

Don't believe me checkout the screenshots from my account below. As well as that i operate in 7 different niches and most importantly, this is still my day job. 

I haven't sold up and decided to cash in by teaching stuff that no longer works. I still do this stuff day to day in the trenches.

Check out some screenshots from my accounts below:

Who else has this helped?

Check out some of my students results below:

Like Liam who went from insurance salesman to ecommerce brand owner.
Or Ducky who followed the roadmap to £10k per month in recurring revenue.
Want me to hold your hand while we build your very own branded product passive income stream?

The Physical Product Secrets program is currently done on an application only basis. If you would like to apply to join please click the big green button below.

Please note, due to the highly time intensive nature and guaranteed results nature of the course the price tag is currently $1997.

My NO FAIL performance double guarantee.

Like a good coach, I don’t accept inaction. However, I want to make this decision for you as completely risk free as possible. Here’s what I’m going to do for you.

When you join today, you’re going to be backed by the ultimate performance guarantee. Because, right now, i know you are seriously considering joining the program.

But you’re unsure if you will get the value that I’m promising. I respect that. But I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you take action with this training, and you follow through, you will succeed. Here’s my 2-part guarantee promise to you.

Take 30 Days Completely Risk Free

First off, take 30 days. Completely risk free. 

Go through all the training and materials and take action. If after you’re taking action you decide that this value isn’t what I promised, you will receive a full refund.

Just prove you have watched at least module 1 and I’ll refund your money no questions asked within the first 30 days.

Plus My "Success Performance" Guarantee

But I want to go further than that and really prove that I’m absolutely positive you’ll get the results I’ve promised.

If after 60 days you aren’t successfully selling your first product on Amazon, and you’re TAKING action, send us a support ticket. 

I will hop on a 1-on-1 personal call with you to dissect exactly what’s going on and where you’re stuck. And I’ll help you get unstuck. Guaranteed.

If I can't figure it out and work through your problems, I will issue you a full refund. That’s my personal guarantee.

Please note, the key here is that you have to be taking the action i have been telling you to do. This guarantee does not apply if you have not taken every action step prescribed.

We can't help lazy people.

So what are you waiting for? Click the blue button below to apply for the program now:

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